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Welcome to Wirthmor Herefords! Thank you for visiting our site! Here at Wirthmor we are passionate about the Hereford breed and would love to share with you the reasons why. From genetics, to taste, to their docile nature, we believe Herefords are a great influence in the cattle industry. Visitors are always welcome at Wirthmor and we would love to speak with you about what Hereford genetics can do for you!


Cattle For Sale



Looking to start your own herd of commercial or registered Herefords? How about improving the genetics in your existing herd? We strive to develop the kind of genetics anybody can benefit from and we would love to help welcome you into the Hereford breed.


The best way for many commercial cattleman to incorporate Hereford genetics in their herd is through the services of a Hereford bull. Please contact us to find out what bulls are currently available.

Feeder Calves and Show Prospects

Whether you are looking for the next champion of the show ring or some backgrounding calves, we have just the thing for you! We are also more than willing to work with young cattleman to help develop 4-H or FFA projects.


Our herd bull touts some of the best genetics in the breed, with all the carcass traits ranking in the top 25% of active sires. Check him out on the AHA website with the registration number 43775798. 

Semen available at $25/straw, non-certificate

NJW 73S M326 Trust 100W.jpg

One of the most influential sires in the breed. With over 2,400 calves on the ground, his average weaning weight ratio is 101.5%.


Maternal Grandsire: REMITALL ONLINE 122L

Another breed powerhouse! 1,410 calves with an average weaning weight ratio of 102.1%. C555's dam, STAR ONLINIA DOMINETTE 507P ET has a average weaning weight ratio of 105.3% over 8 calves!

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Visitors are always welcome! Contact Dirk at 417-252-3989.